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Pulau Tinggi
| Pulau Tinggi Tour Package | Pulau Tinggi Hotel | Pulau Tinggi Destination Guide | Pulau Tinggi Photo Gallery |
Pulau Tinggi Destination Guide

About Pulau Tinggi

Tinggi Island or Pulau Tinggi is one of the many captivating tropical islands that nestle the East Coast of Johor. Its stretches of white, sandy beach surrounded by alluring blue waters makes it a perfect haven for those who want to escape from the mundane world.

Pulau Tinggi gets its name from a high hill rising 2,000 feet above sea level ("tinggi" is a Malay word for high). The island is painted green by the lush tropical forest that is rich with rattan, timber and other valuable plants.

Its surrounding waters is rich with exotic marine life and beautiful underwater flora fringing its coral reefs, providing a breathtaking underwater view for divers and Snorkeling enthusiasts. The island is also blessed with natural fresh water and sheltered harbour, which explains its role as a stopover point for traders in the olden days.

Apart from its physical beauty, Pulau Tinggi is also famous for its mystical characters. The locals believe that Malay's most famous hero, Hang Tuah, had stopped here in one of his journeys. It is believed that his spirit still guards the island till these days.

Getting to Pulau Tinggi

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From Singapore
Drive from Johor Bahru to Kota Tinggi
Take road to Mersing
Drive about 45 mins at Tenggarah Junction will see sign post "Tg. Leman Pulau Sibu" turn right
Drive about 15 mins turn left, drive till the carpark for Tg. Leman FerryTerminal

From Kuala Lumpur

Take North-South Highway directly to Kulai (approx 2 1/2 hours)
From Kulai Twon take route to Kota Tinggi (approx 40 mins) then turn left towards Mersing.
Take route to Mersing till Tenggarah Junction (approx 1 hour)
At Tenggarah Junction (see signboard) turn right and follow signboard for Tg. Leman Pulau Sibu (approx 20 mins)

You may park your car at a secured parking space at Tanjung Leman at RM5 per day

Tanjung Leman's jetty

Parking at Tanjung Leman Jetty

| Pulau Tinggi Tour Package | Pulau Tinggi Hotel | Pulau Tinggi Destination Guide | Pulau Tinggi Photo Gallery |
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